Fall Fashion Trends to Hold Your Breath For

Fall Fashion Trends to Hold Your Breath For

Fall Fashion Trends to Hold Your Breath For

Fashion is one of the most passionate subjects for many; for many, fashion is only what comes and goes, what’s in and what’s not. But for the passionate one’s it’s getting the prediction for the next season as well as knowing what’s in, in the current season. Predicting the fashion trends of next season isn’t something new, fashion enthusiast has been going this for years. When summer comes, and the fashion trends are revealed they set about working on fall, when fall ends, they set about predicting the fashion for winter. If you are wondering that what comes after the awesome trend parade that we have seen regarding summer trends, guess no more because here is the full list of upcoming fall trends.

The Purple Poison:

Summer and spring brought neon hues with Corals and Marigold shades, and the fashion community appreciated them. There were many variations of the same colors, and all of them rocked the runway. There was also a hint of Lavender shade as well. It’s predicted that this trend will continue in fall as well, with lavender, lilac, mauve, violet, plum and fuchsia and other shades of purple dominating others. Purple will be reserved for casual as well as party wear, mixed with shiny material as well as embellishments to make it more festive.

No matter what purple poison you may prefer, there is something for everyone. Famous designers like Michael Kors opted for electric purple sequins, whereas Tom Ford preferred lavender, and Rodarte decided to go with more of a formal touch with orchid hues. From faux fur to slip dresses to glitter, purple can take it all. Remember; purple the next time you shop for your fall party scene.

Its Capes and Superheroes:

Layers have been the most favorite for outwear, from leather to faux fur to knitwear, we have seen them all. It’s time to change the things a bit and bring capes into the limelight. Who cares if it is not a movie, who cares if you aren’t superman, fashion is for all and so are capes. Capes give outwear a very strong personality. It’s one of the top trends of fall 2019.

You can take a leaf out of Marc Jacobs’ book and wear your cape with a strong animal print; his choice was leopard which is quite bold and fierce, just the right print to make a bold statement. Mimicking Channel is a good idea; they chose to go with tweed capes. If you are looking for more of a basic and minimalist look, have a look at Hedi Slimane’s collection to get inspiration. Innovation in cape styled proved that no matter what the occasion is, the cape style is for everyone. Capes add the ultimate drama to your simply styled coat.

Sleek Satin:

From dressing formal for work or rocking the night party scene, satin is your man. The satin trend is back with a bang and with major brands backing it; it’s going to be the star trend of 2019. Satin is termed as one of the most luxurious cloth; it’s soft and smooth with the perfect flow to make ruffles and flowing gowns. The silkiness of the fabric is perfect for casual occasions like wedding and such, but it’s also perfect for work days as well. A white or light colored silk blouse with a pencil skirt will go a long way as formal attire.

It’s totally up to you how you use the material for inspiration you can check out Christopher Kane, Off-White as well as Brandon Maxwell’s designs, and if you want to go over the top you can check out Versace’s neon hues, and 60’s inspired looks of satin. Satin slips, satin blouses and turtle neck shirts, as well as cut-out short frocks in vibrant colors, were a huge hit on the runways for fall. Giorgio Armani paired midnight blue satin with black velvet pants making the look perfect for formal as well as casual.

Printed Fashion:

It’s not all colors and material, and it’s also printed. The most famous of which is mix and match, the quilt print. The next time you visit your grandmother, show up with the patch work print, and we are sure she will go gaga over the old revival trend. Floral is summer’s trend so it won’t be much of a thing in fall, but animal print and its bold appearance will be very noticeable in fall too. Capes, slips, pajamas, blouses, as well as other, outwear, will have the mark of animals for sure.

From gold hues to purple, the fall will be full of exciting prints. Houndstooth checks will be huge as well, from shirts to trousers they will take over everything. Checks look great when it is black and white, but this fall isn’t limited to black and white or wide check designs. Its time go classic and vibrant. Lastly, the fall trend will feature safari prints and colors, bringing a bit of the minimalist culture in fall.

Puffer Coats:

Since it’s about the fall season, we can’t rule out the coats and jackets. The fur is in so are feathers, so anything hairy goes. But the trendiest of all is the puffer coats. Puffer coats have become pretty famous lately for being the go-to style of every celebs airport fashion. Tory Burch, Jonathan Simkhai, Brandon Maxwell, LaQuan Smith, as well as Christian Siriano are the few names that put forward their best designs for puffer coats. There were many inspirations with white underlining with a black exterior; there were vibrant purple ones too, so that’s like killing two birds with one stone. Designers have decided to innovate a bit and make them perfect to be paired with casual wear. So now you can take your trendy puffer coat clubbing too.

Leather Dresses:

Leather has been in fashion the whole year, so it’s pretty obvious that the trend will continue in falls as well. Whether it’s a jacket or a whole dress, leather will take over fall with a passion. With vibrant hues of red, yellow and purple, the dress can be paired with over the top belts and purple accessories. This fall, designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen and Chalayan have toyed with leather and have created the craftiest and innovative designs possible. They have used the tough material in shorts, jumpsuits as well as short frocks.


Designers love creating an innovative silhouette as well as trendy textures, and ruffles are their idea to create waves and make a fashionable statement. Dresses as a bird, you will not look stupid but extremely fashionable. Sies Marjan’s take on ruffles was creating opulent designs with multi-hues gleaming ruffles. He brought forward two creations, a blouse and a dress, and both looked next to perfection. Valentino did a beautiful long dress, with ruffles covering every inch of the dress and a plunging neck that looked pretty epic. He kept the low key; keeping ruffles the main focus of the whole thing.

All in all fashion trends for fall are full of exciting prints and a mix of old and new addition with innovation as well as contemporary touch.