Handbags Trends 2019

Handbags Trends 2019

Fashion isn’t all about clothes; it’s also about the matching and contrasting accessories. Your outfit may be as glamorous as the galaxy, but if the right accessory does not accompany it, it will look bland and tasteless. Having the right accessory matters a lot. From bags to shoes to sunglass to the right piece of jewelry, getting the right piece will complete your trend and make you look fashionable.

Nowadays, wearing fashionable clothes doesn’t suffice unless you pair it will matching accessories. To make a dress look epic, you need a fashionable bag to go with. 2019 brought a lot of innovation regarding bags, but the thing common with all of these styles was the size. Initially, bags were more of a necessity than fashion, but 2019 fashion has changed the game. They have converted the functional in to fashionable only. With the size of the bags shrinking to mini, the functionality has vanished. You can still carry a tote if you are going for an errand, but to a party, carrying a huge bad world be conducting a fashion misdemeanor.

So, to carry out the bag’s trend for 2019, you need to go with mini bags and clutches with the exception of a few medium ones, if you are looking for such inspirations, continue reading to get the best styles that are both pretty and fashionable. You can act like a fashionable Diva with the right knowledge of bags in your next party.

Sea Shell:

No, it’s not the tongues roller that we are talking about it’s the actual design of the bag that has become the show stopper in 2019’s fashion parade. The unique design, as well as the innovative hues, has made these pretty popular. From Chanel to Michael Kors to Stella McCartney, all the big brands have explored the idea of shells and beach theme. Where Chanel did a small while shell, McCartney opted for a medium uniquely shaped gold shell bag with a pearl clasp. There were many variations and innovations with shell designs. A great many options are enough to keep everyone happy.

Is that A Belt or a Bag?

Belt bags are both functional as well as fashionable, only if you get the ones that keep your pants up. They are like fanny packs but way stylish than their old cousins. Let’s give a shout out to Burberry who started the hype of small envelope-shaped bag, accompanied by a functional belt and made with leather. Fendi took the style on a different level of innovation. Theirs had different compartments for different stuff like keys, cards and a cell phone. Chanel came up with their classic design that has their logo and a single loop to hand the bag by the neck. Cool, and cute at the same type. Just like the seashell bag, the belt bag also had a lot of options to choose from.

The Cinderella Clutch:

Small bags are most in the shape of clothes, but this year it’s all about innovation, so keep the glittery and embellished ones on the side and take hold of these see-through, crystal ones. Among the lot, Versace and Balmain’s creation stood out. Though both very pretty different than each other, but both looked extremely worthy of the fashion crown. However, Balmain took the lead by creating different styles among which the clutch was the best.

Micro Bags, The Very Mini Ones:

Since we are talking about the miniature ones, the micro bags can’t be forgotten. These are way small to be functional, but they are perfect to be fashionable. Many occasions call for fashion more than function. The star of these micro bags was the one designed by Valentino. It was a mini drawstring bag in warm brown tones. If you are looking for a bag that can hold your world, you are in the wrong place, but if you are looking for a tiny attachable bag that will become the accessory of your tote and hold all your coins plus your key, then these micro bags are just the thing you need. Other brands that jumped the bandwagon of micro bags were Brandon Maxwell, Jil Sander as well as Throne Browne.

The Blinding Shine:

Who doesn’t like a little shine, every girl is loco about having a bag that will grab all the attention. They crave to be asked about their bags and where they bought them. If you are one of those, get the tin-foil inspired designs that shine as bright as the stars of the galaxy or even more. Take yourself away from the norm and dreary world of tote and boho, retro-futuristic glam world. One bag is enough to steal all the light of the party and make you the center of attention for sure. The big names that endorse the fashion trend of these silver beauties are, Balmain, Area and Off-white.

The Super Cute Lanyards:

Lanyards are the epitome of cult fashion. If you talk about the functionality of these, they are useless if you want to carry anything bigger than your passport. But there are super cool while traveling, and you can hang your passport, your ID as well as a bit of change or foreign currency around your neck all the while you travel. Burberry even made one with a passport type design. These would look so cool hanging against a white blouse.

Clear Bags:

No, we aren’t talking about the clear envelopes that are used to carry documents and papers, but bags that are see-through like the crystal Cinderella ones, but these are plastic hence more flexible. Sally Lapointe decided to give their design leather detailing that made the bag more intriguing. Mary Katrantzou did a small pouch kind of clear bag that was made interesting buy stuffing it with all things