What is BoHo fashion ?

What is BoHo fashion ?

BoHo Fashion

Do you consider yourself to be someone who marches to the beat of your own drum? Are you a free thinker who values new experiences, travel, and trying new things? BoHo fashion is an alternative-yet-trendy style of clothing, but it’s more than that.

Expressing yourself by wearing BoHo fashion is a way to exude a sense of adventure through the way that you dress. This is a clothing style that reflects an individual’s creative, whimsical, and free-spirited nature. Different kinds of fashion typically have strong roots in a particular culture or subculture, and Bohemian fashion is an excellent example of that fact.

With origins that date back throughout many centuries, BoHo apparel can help you show your artsy, unconstrained side to the world. Read on to find out more about BoHo fashion, how it came to be what it is today, and how you can integrate it into your own wardrobe.

What Is BoHo Fashion?

In modern times, BoHo fashion refers to a personal style that is inspired by the wanderers and artists of the past. It’s a look that is derived from and inspired by Bohemian culture and lifestyle, which has evolved throughout the years and has existed for a very long time.

There are plenty of signature attributes and pieces that are affiliated with BoHo fashion. Simply put, it’s a nonconforming style of dress that includes a variety of hippie-like, vintage-inspired clothes as well as bold, unique accessories. As with all styles, BoHo fashion has grown and changed throughout the years, and as a result of that evolution, there are now a number of different varieties of what could be considered BoHo fashion.

Today, if you type “BoHo apparel” or “BoHo fashion” into a search engine, what you’re most likely to come up with is actually clothing and images that resemble a BoHo chic look, which is an updated take on original BoHo fashion that has been popularized by many celebrities including Mary Kate Olsen, Florence Welch, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller.

Where The BoHo Style Came From

“BoHo” is actually short for the word “Bohemian.” This term was created in the 19th century, for the purpose of describing the Romani people.  It related to an alternative style of living called “Bohemianism,” a term which was coined in France when creative types began to experience financial difficulties and built somewhat of a community surrounding their beliefs which included the concept of freedom, free love, the ability to roam to new locations, and self-expression.

Since the inception of the term, Bohemian dress and lifestyle have been associated with existing outside of the box and has referred to expressive, free-thinking people such as artists, wanderers, and intellectuals. Often, Bohemian people expressed political or social views that were considered to be outside of the box.

Though being Bohemian wasn’t necessarily about fashion way back in the day, a particular look was always somewhat tied to the term; the poverty that creative types in France faced in the 19th century influenced their apparel.

Boho became more about the fashion and less about the lifestyle as time shifted from the 20th century to the 21st century. Classic bohemian style continues to influence modern BoHo apparel today, but it’s now most reminiscent of the boho-chic look that became popular in the 1960s.

How To Dress BoHo

BoHo style includes a lot of flowy, loose-fitting clothes. Comfortable tops such as peasant tops, tunics, and prairie blouses are common. Dresses are the same; they’ll most often be quite relaxed and roomy. For bottoms, you’ll see long skirts, jeans or denim shorts, loose-fitting, harem-style pants, and possibly even bell-bottoms. As far as colors go, you won’t see a lot of neons.

Patterns or designs, light or muted colors, and earth tones are prevalent. You will come across ethnic prints as well as embroidery and other embellishments such as patchwork, braids, pom poms, colorful appliques, and fringes. Accessories and footwear associated with BoHo style will often include these embellishments as well.

To tie together a classic modern boho look, you can’t go wrong with brown boots, wooden clogs, or sandals with or without embellishments. BoHo fashion, in its whimsical nature, is not subtle. Large handbags are common, as are big pieces of jewelry such as eccentric necklaces and thick bangles.

Beautiful boho styled girl wearing white crochet swimsuit

BoHo accessories are often unique and special pieces that make a statement. Hair and makeup styles that carry a natural appearance are frequently paired with a BoHo look. Feel free to experiment and make it your own; after all, this is about liberation!

Nowadays, anyone can rock BoHo apparel. Regardless of your lifestyle, you can step out of your comfort zone and integrate bohemian pieces into your wardrobe that reflect your adventurous side. BoHo fashion is stylish, youthful, highly comfortable, and it’s an excellent way to express your whimsical spirit.